Our Story

I have always been an artist and from a very young age I was drawing, painting, and sculpting clay. I am self trained with the exception of a summer in 2006 when I took pottery classes from artist Debbie Kraemer of DK Clay.  In 2010 I became friends with Michele Davis a fellow potter in New Orleans. We discussed opening our own pottery many times. Sadly, in 2012 Michele left this life and with that, I decided to build a legacy in her honor. Nola Potter is a business born out of friendship. Michele's blog name was Nola Potter http://wildmagnolia-nolapotter.blogspot.com. I registered my business and the dream that we shared in this name in memory of my beautiful friend and since I have spent the last five years making this dream a reality. I often integrate magnolias into my work and those pieces are an additional nod to my business partner and guardian angel. 

Nola potter is earthy, eclectic, fine art. I use an endless array of techniques to skillfully craft one of a kind works of fine art and functional pottery.  My pottery studio includes a Blue Diamond electric kiln, propane raku kiln, slab roller, slip pouring table, extruder, and a Clay Boss wheel. I have an extensive collection of plaster molds for slip pouring and altering cast forms including my antique german doll molds used in my Dreambaby Series. 

I often use plaster or mold putty to create my own molds and insure originality to my work. I love the use of texture and how glaze breaks over a surface. 


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